Defiance {prompted}

We would sit for hours, she and I. Two bottomless coffee cups and battered journals. We would write and talk and drink and talk and write. Life took us in different directions and now she lives a million miles away. Well, 2,997 to be exact.
But still that connection exists and that desire to sit and share our thoughts nags at me.
I miss her.
This is our chance to go back to that coffee shop and those journals.
A random list from the depths of the internet.
A shared prompt. Once a week.

Join us if you’re so inclined. Leave a link in the comments. There is always room in the booth for more.

I spend each day with no less than three blog posts rolling around in my brain. Obviously very few of them make it to the actual blog (probably for the best) but ideas… I’ve got ideas.

In fact, it was my stupid idea to start this weekly prompt with Trisha. I wanted a way to feel closer to her, a way to feel connected. Apparently what I got was a way to completely empty my brain of any coherent thought or sensible idea. Sigh.

Last week’s prompt ‘sing’ was such a poor showing that my mother mentioned that I had a typo because I must have meant to type ‘spring’ considering that my post didn’t do an effective job of mentioning singing or songs or anything but gibberish upon review. (She didn’t say anything about gibberish, that was my own assessment of the situation.)

So here, I am… blinking cursor staring at me as I think about the nature of defiance.

What the heck does it even mean? No, really. I’m serious.

I googled it. I consider myself an intelligent person but sometimes I don’t trust the information in my head.

I asked Steve. He tried to provide me with a definition. But it’s hard to have a conversation about much with two over tired children at the end of a really long week.

And it’s been a reeeaaaalllly long week. And the truth is, I’m exhausted.

So you know what? I will not write a post about defiance. I refuse to participate in this process this week.

Screw you, I’m going to go watch Doctor Who and go to bed.

How’s that for defiance?

See what Trisha had to write about defianceĀ  here

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